1st Anniversary Playdates

We were excited to celebrate our first anniversary with a series of playdates featuring our new Icons of Indonesia activities. With support from Aksara Indonesia and Danesya Juzar from Productive Mamas, we created wayang puppets and batik art with more than 40 kids over two weeks!

We kicked off with two wayang playdates at Aksara Pacific Place and Kemang. Our wayang craft included two puppets for the kids to color and assemble. Take a look at some of their creations to the right. We also made wooden theaters to display the puppets and tell stories in the dark.

During the playdate, we also brought in a dalang (puppet master) to tell classic folk stories with real wayang puppets. Some kids were at first hesitant about the large puppets, while other kids couldn’t get enough! Has your little one discovered wayang puppets yet? Our Icons of Indonesia box includes all the materials for you to do this activity at home.

For our final playdate, we hosted a batik-making session with Danesya Juzar from Productive Mamas. Batik is a traditional method of art that involves wax and dye to create beautiful patterns on cloth. We used kid-friendly materials for our activity, taking the kids through the process of creating designs, adding paint and revealing the final piece. No matter the design, batik always turns out unique and interesting! Try making colorful batik on your own with our Icons of Indonesia box, which is now available at Aksara Indonesia!


UPDATE! You can now purchase Icons of Indonesia on our website or at one of our retail partners

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