Partnership with the Coral Triangle Center

The Coral Triangle Center (CTC) and GummyBox are proud to bring you the CORAL REEFS Activity Kit, a creative exploration of the marine diversity and natural landscapes of our coral reefs. In one compact kit, we’ve packed all the materials you need to make a standing coral home and origami fish. To add to the fun, this kit also includes an activity book filled with fun learning tidbits about marine species, coral reefs and their sustainability.

The partnership between CTC and GummyBox is rooted in the belief that educating children about nature builds their lifelong appreciation for it. We hope the CORAL REEFS Activity Kit excites you to keep learning about marine ecosystems and to join us in protecting the oceans that connect us all!

Part of the proceeds will go back to CTC’s marine conservation programs. 


The Coral Triangle Center (CTC) is a non-profit foundation dedicated to protecting coral reefs and ecosystems for future generations. The CTC works to safeguard the Coral Triangle by training surrounding communities on methods for sustainable fishing and coastal living.

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